Locally owned and operated

Unlike some other agencies which are subsidiaries of mainland parent companies, we understand the customs and traditions many of our Kūpuna hold dear. We are always easily accessible to you because Hawai‘i is our home, too.

We've been there

When a loved one is in need of care, our hearts are already consumed with emotion, and the task of organizing home care can be overwhelming … especially if it's your first time. We've been at this a long time - including our own parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins - and we can anticipate and meet needs you may not even be aware of … because at a time like this, you should only be concerned with spending quality time with each other.

We've also been...there

By that we mean, across our collective 40 years in the industry, we've worked with and for other companies out there. We've learned what works, and what doesn't; what client's need, and what they don't. We learned because we listen, and because we want what you want ... the best care for those you love.

Top notch caregivers

Hau‘oli Home Care's owner/operators have personally vetted and trained our Certified Nurse Assistants, and we will only send you the very best in the business to care for your loved one. From personal care and nutrition, to medication reminders and outing accompaniment, our team puts the “pro” in professional.

Dependability is vital

At Hau‘oli Home Care, we get it, and it's something we pride ourselves on. Knowing your caregiver will be there - knowing them, trusting them, coming to regard them as a part of your ‘ohana, and knowing that is how they see you - is a hallmark of Hau‘oli Home Care.

Communication is key

Our care managers are always on call and look forward to partnering with you to make sure nothing is overlooked in the care of the one you hold dear. Our word is our bond, and you can trust us to always follow through with your concerns, and to keep you informed with issues and updates on your loved one's condition and care.

Because we Care

Love is at the heart of who we are and what we do. For all of us, caregiving is not just a career ... it's a calling; and our passion for assisting others results in our compassion for those we care for. In Hawai‘i we call it "aloha," and it is a cornerstone of Hau‘oli Home Care's foundation.

Service with ALOHA

A - Akahai: kindness, with tenderness

Our caregivers are there for your loved one when you aren't able to be. Rest assured, they are being loved, respected and nurtured just the way you would yourself.

L - Lōkahi: unity, with harmony

We believe that those closest to our clients know them best, and we will listen and partner with you closely to meet every need.

O - ‘Olu‘olu: agreeable, with pleasantness

To us, home care isn't just about assisting with health care issues ... it's about companionship. Our caregivers truly regard our clients as ohana, and some of our most precious moments are listening to them share about their lives.

H - Ha‘aha‘a: humility, with modesty

We are here to serve. We find joy and fulfillment in supporting those who need assistance.

A - Ahonui: patience, with perseverance

Everything moves a bit slower and takes a little more time for our Kūpuna. We don't mind at all...especially because it helps keep them safe.